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Glass curtain wall system is found on many new buildings and it is quite popular as exterior wall on all types of commercial, industrial and residential buildings all over the world, especially in developing countries. Nowadays, glass curtain wall system is applied most of high-rise buildings which adapts necessary requirements: decreasing bearing load for whole building, rain penetration, air leakage control, fire resistance, ensuring aesthetics, modernisation and durability characteristics.

Generally, value of glass item accounts for approximately 10-15% in the total of building construction value. Therefore, making a perfect glass curtain wall system is a process involving ownership, general contractor, consulting architect, manufacturer, supplier, ect. All the processes are carried on from designing to engineering.

With position of professional supplier and installer glass curtain wall system, VIC plays an important role in main process of curtain wall and help investor, contractors solve basic issues:


Based on ideas and requirements from investors and design drawing, VIC will give appropriate solutions ensuring criteria as: safety, quality, Aestheticism, high quality, good services, reasonable price and cost-effectiveness.


From the given solution, VIC’s architures will design the details, present all product and technical specifications, visually performing solutions to make general view for investors before making decision on their building.


Implementing installation of curtain wall based on designing consultation with a team of skilled, professional construction workers will ensure safety, durability cost-effectiveness for whole process of curtain wall.

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