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Tinted temper glass: stained glass products are manufactured using reinforced glass was hardened and process the colors for each product in terms of color and unique size, tinted temper glass has the characteristics:

Size and color of each finished product is not changable

Heat resistance and strength better than norminal glass from 3 to 4 times and when the debris is broken grains and corn (not sharp)

Time manufacturing and construction from 10 to 14 days

Finished product can not be cut or drill holes

If constructed with special glues (silicone neutral), it takes from 3 to 7 days adhesive will harden like plastic cast between glass and reinforcement works can not be separated

Size large diameter can be applied up to 7m, with a maximum thickness is 19mm single lens, the glass is cut and processed according to the actual drilling work cut before reinforced and colored

Finished work is guaranteed both in aesthetics, color, safety in construction (including the case of risks) and the overall harmonization

The drilling process before reinforcement, can be done manually: drilled, carved panel, electrical outlet or water jet cutting machines: the edges are cut flat, smooth and evenly

So toughened glasses should be the last stage in the completion of works, then the correct size, construction and reasonable in all the harmony of color will be perfect.

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