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Staying cool with aluminium architectural sunshades for your next project. With the soaring cost of energy, it is important to reduce your building's expenses. Solar shade devices keep your building cool and comfortable while giving a sleek and modern look

Use benefits

- Reducing summer heat gain while inviting winter sun inside.

- Saving energy by using natural light while reducing demand for air conditioning.

- Ensuring durability and less maintance.

Economic benefits

- Low cost

- Super durable powder coat finishes will last for many years of maintenance free use.

- Aluminum sun control devices reduce a building's operating costs not only by reducing utility costs, but also in replacement costs of window treatments.

- Lightweight design and luxury style increasing economic value for building


VIC’s sunshade is prefabricated at factory and installed on construction site base on technicalvice quickldrawing, therefore, installing the dey and effectively.

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